Crime-Busting, Indiana-Boosting, Congestion Promises

Hillary Clinton discusses her crime-fighting plan in West Philadelphia. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Paul Begala voices his “contempt” for Mark Penn. [HuffingtonPost]

Barack Obama says he would have fired Penn, and calls the public financing system – in preparation for an inevitable opt-out — “creaky.” [Ben, Spin Cycle]

Obama says that Indiana could be a “tie-breaker.” [Indianapolis Star]

Alan Gerson goes public with what he says the Bloomberg administration promised him in return for his vote on congestion pricing. [Liz]

Mike McMahon guesses that Staten Island’s interests will probably not be adversely affected by the abrupt end of Christine Quinn’s unorthodox accounting practices. [S.I. Advance]

Bill Clinton made eight factual errors, according to one tally, in his criticism of the coverage of his wife’s “misstatement” on the Bosnia landing. [Jake Tapper]

And Michael Calderone says it was clearly Bill Clinton’s “most foolish” swipe at the press. [Politico]

Crime-Busting, Indiana-Boosting, Congestion Promises