Crowley will make a decision soon

Princeton biotech executive John Crowley, who had declined to run for Senate, is reconsidering and will make a decision soon, according to friend and advisor Bill Spadea.

“John is tremendously impressed by the outpouring of support and encouragement that has come from his colleagues, his friends and his family. People of all political beliefs have come forward to offer their good wishes for a potential U.S>Senate run, and they sense what a special opportunity a Crowley candidacy presents for the citizens for New Jersey,” said Spadea. “John and his family are considering this enormous well of support, and will be making a decision shortly.”

Crowley, whose name and life story generated intense interest in Republican circles, had declined to run on Monday morning. But Republicans, who saw him at the best shot for defeating incumbent Democrat Frank Lautenberg in the general election (or now possibly Lautenberg’s primary challenger, Rob Andrews), aggressively pushed to get Crowley to change his mind. Republican sources even said that prominent Republicans like John McCain and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman John Ensign were tapped to call Crowley and ask him to reconsider.

Spadea wouldn’t confirm whether Crowley was contacted by a McCain. Instead, he said that support came from "not just folks in the party, but from folks outside of politics.” Crowley will make a decision soon