Darrison Working for Potential Manhattan D.A. Candidate

Former Eliot Spitzer fund-raiser Cindy Darrison, who recently was hired to help David Paterson, is working with another candidate in a potentially high-profile race for Manhattan district attorney.

If the seemingly unstoppable 89-year-old Robert Morgenthau decides not to run for reelection, Cyrus Vance, a Manhattan attorney, might.

Vance already opened up a campaign committee (as noted by Geoffrey Gray). Vance confirmed this morning that Darrison is raising money for him.

When contacted for comment, Darrison emailed to say:

“Darrison Barrett & Associates, LLC is working for Cyrus Vance for Manhattan District Attorney. As Cy probably mentioned to you, he is running to succeed Mr. Morgenthau, not to oppose nor attack him. DBA is providing fundraising and general consulting services for the campaign.”


Darrison Working for Potential Manhattan D.A. Candidate