Debt, Tolls, Housing, Graffiti, Fairness

The Clinton campaign debt may be larger than reported. [Political Intelligence]

Things are going to be tense today between David Paterson, Tom DiNapoli and the Thruway Authority. [Albany Watch]

Ben Adler thinks the youth might be breaking away from Obama, at least a little bit. [Politico]

A two-phase plan for Willets Point might encounter less resistance from the City Council. [Real Estate]

No matter what the graffiti-writers want, Peter Vallone, Jr. is not going anywhere. [Times Ledger]

Nancy Pelosi is still against the dream ticket. [AP]

N.Y.R.A. will likely get its fifth extension today. [One Fast Horse]

Bill Thompson wants to generate some revenue for Brooklyn by selling the downtown jail. [Brooklyn Paper]

Obama is planning a 50-state voter drive. [Chicago Tribune]

Steve Cohen looks at one year of PlaNYC. [Green Channel]

Eliot Brown explores the new affordable housing fight. [Real Estate]

Is this the end of the building boom? [Crain’s]

Geoff Garin’s op-ed asks that both campaigns be held to the same standard. [Wash Post]

Graham Norton gets an endorsement scoop. [UnrealityTV]

Where isn’t Charles Barron? [Liz]


Debt, Tolls, Housing, Graffiti, Fairness