A veteran shows the youngsters how to really rock

Over the past 20 years, you’ve surely encountered the music of Bob Mould, whether you were a fan of his eighties-era Minnesota punk band Hüsker Dü (or its nineties upgrade, Sugar), or you fall asleep every night to the Daily Show theme song, which he composed. Though Mould’s career has taken some unusual twists and turns lately, including detours into electronica and a consulting gig for a professional-wrestling outfit, his latest album shows he hasn’t lost his rock-and-roll touch or his will to fight.

Mould devotees may notice that the growl in his voice is gone, and his singing has become more melodious (possibly with some technological help). But his songs are as bilious and indignant as ever, directed at unnamed ex-partners and lovers and detailing with frightening specificity the steps he’ll take to let them know he’s been wronged. District Line is as cathartic for its singer-songwriter as it is for its listeners, and it shows there’s no contradiction or shame in being a 47-year-old angry young man.

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