Elsewhere: $10 Million, First Veto

The Clinton campaign says it will pull in $10 million in 24 hours.

Chris Cillizza lists white women, Ed Rendell and the Osama bin Laden ad as factors that contributed to Hillary Clinton’s win.

Here’s what Jon Corzine had to say about Clinton’s Pennsylvania win.

Obama supporter Claire McCaskill says pointedly that Clinton has baggage.

Which isn’t totally consistent with what David Plouffe said earlier today about using Clinton’s past in the campaign.

Indian Point is one shutdown short of federal oversight.

Richard Brodsky is introducing legislation to get a status report on the city’s big development projects.

The head of the M.T.A. seems a little nervous about Atlantic Yards.

Simcha Felder is busy

David Paterson made his first veto!

And pictured above is the flyer announcing that MTV star-turned writer Kevin Powell is running for Congress, again.

  Elsewhere: $10 Million, First Veto