Elsewhere: Bloomberg's Budget, Bruno's Joke, Obama's Humility

Rapper The Game is doing a song about Sean Bell.

Simcha Felder’s 2009 campaign is taking shape.

Michael Bloomberg’s budget is coming out this week.

David Paterson said, “I’m pleased to have Senator Bruno as majority leader. He helped me get the budget done on time.”

Paterson comes under pressure from Clean Money advocates.

He also vows to end pork in Albany.

Jeremiah Wright is keeping a high profile, to the obvious chagrin of the Obama campaign.
Obama adds a measure of humility to his stump routine, and tells voters, “It’s about you.”
The one bit of positive news for Obama today: another superdelegate endorsement.
Joe Bruno says that Spitzer is no longer governor, and is in “psychiatric care,” because he didn’t “get it.”

Dave Mejias is not playing well with other Democrats in Nassau.

A poll says that New Yorkers want public financing.

There’s a movement to sue the state over the most recent budget that was passed.

The Christian Science Monitor notices Anthony Weiner and Chuck Schumer’s work on middle-class issues.

Some students love Joe Crowley.

The New York Libertarian Party has a presidential candidate.

The Hills, apparently, is a secret hotbed of McCain support.

And pictured above is a happy Hillary Clinton campaigning at Indiana University. 

Elsewhere: Bloomberg's Budget, Bruno's Joke, Obama's Humility