Elsewhere: Cuomo, Obama, Spano

Andrew Sullivan writes, “Between the cynicism of Clinton and the polarization of Sharpton, Obama’s vision is a great one for his party and his country.”

Craig Crawford rereads the DNC’s rules about campaigning in Florida.

The governor of Louisiana and mayor of New Orleans want to team up with YouTube and Google to host a presidential forum.

New York’s congestion pricing money is over in Chicago.

An openly gay candidate in the special election in Queens is denounced in a mysterious, unsigned letter.

Andrew Cuomo rejected 1,026 funding requests for member items.

Malcolm Smith said ‘reform pressure’ works in Albany.

Irene Liu has a memorable picture of Andrew Cuomo during his speech about reform.

Happy (almost) birthday Andy Spano.

Republicans and Conservatives have different candidates in the 26th congressional district.

Here’s video of the city’s Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.

David Paterson and David Schwimmer?

And above is video of Obama denouncing his former pastor Jeremiah Wright.

Elsewhere: Cuomo, Obama, Spano