Elsewhere: Early Voting, Debate, Robocalls

Forty thousand people have already voted in North Carolina.

There is no early voting in Pennsylvania.

There will no North Carolina debate.

Matt Phillips says Philadelphia is crucial to Barack Obama’s success there.

Ed Rendell talks about “drinking the Kool-Aid.”

ABC has more on negative robocalls still dropping in Pennsylvania.

Cast members from the show Queer as Folk showed up at Hillary Clinton’s campaign offices in Pittsburgh.

Joe Klein thinks Obama was right about John McCain being better than Bush.

David Paterson calls on his commissioners to cut budgets.

If spending goals aren’t met, he says he’ll order a hiring freeze.

Bob Kerrey defends McCain‘s temper.

Chuck Schumer is still a good fund-raiser.

After briefly coming back online, Indian Point nuclear plant was shut down this morning because of turbine problems.

Roger Stone is back in the news.

Just in time for a public meeting about renewing the plant’s license.

State Senator Dale Volker talks more about his suspicion that he was under surveillance last year.

Michael Bloomberg isn’t happy with the city Department of Buildings.

Council members hope to keep their tax cuts.

Jossip looks at how the Bloomberg-New York Times rumor got started.

The Sun reports that some want the prosecutor who brought down Eliot Spitzer to run for public office.

Wall Street Journal also picks up the story.

Alan Chartock looks at the position Sheldon Silver finds himself in.

Andrew Cuomo is looking into the “Bodies” exhibit after its C.E.O. resigned.

Here is an audio clip of Paterson on Fred Dicker‘s show.

Gotham Gazette looks forward to tomorrow, when a City Council working group meets to discuss reform for member items.

Dan Sadofsky has passed away.

Elsewhere: Early Voting, Debate, Robocalls