Elsewhere: Empire State Reign, Pennsylvania Expectations

"The era of the Empire State’s reign over America has come to an end, and a new dawn of political power, in the hands of the Sunshine State, is upon us," writes Patrick Ottenhoff.

Will the City Council’s ethics committee hold a hearing on the financial scandal?

The city Department of Investigations seeks witnesses to City Council skimming.

Liz talks to the other Council members who steered money to the Donna Reid Fund.

After complaints that he was ignoring the press this week, David Paterson is doing a bunch of radio interviews next week.

Someone is trying to find a challenger to Richard Gottfried–on Craigslist.

Serph Maltese is documented protesting the closing of a bowling alley.

The Bloomberg administration advocates a less-glamorous use of some waterfront.

The Bronx gets ready for the Pope.

The Empire State Development Corporation authorized $5.5 million in grants to towns.

Beth Reinhard explains why a 50-50 compromise on Florida delegates could be a trap.

Ten million people watched at least part of the debate last night–the biggest audience ever for a primary debate.

Speaking about the debate, Obama says he was picked on.

The Clinton campaign, meanwhile, is staying on what Obama said about gun control.

Marc Ambinder thinks the debate raised expectations for Hillary Clinton’s performance in Pennsylvania.

Mike Tomasky thinks it was a “travesty.”

Niall thinks it was “political junk food.”

Spin Cycle goes deep on the candidates’ Weathermen connections.

If you’re (still) wondering who Bill Ayers is, here’s a 2001 Chicago Tribune profile.

George Stephanopoulos responds to criticism of his handling of the debate.

An Obama mailer going out in Pennsylvania is pretty negative.

An Obama supporter tries to engineer a “million-dollar minute.”

The Economist analyzes John McCain’s economic plan.

Jim Geraghty at the National Review thinks the Obama campaign should be less wussy (and more like McCain) about tough questions.

Monday Morning Clacker tells the Obama campaign to suck it up.

Jonathan Martin finds out what Mike Huckabee is up to.

Jason Horowitz documents a right-leaning Italian paper’s take on the political dangers of liberal elitism.


Elsewhere: Empire State Reign, Pennsylvania Expectations