Elsewhere: Exit Polls, Millionaires, Cookies

The first rounds of exit polls could mean nothing, but here they are.

Gun people and church folk went for Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama says 51 percent means victory…most of the time.

Clinton supporters are rallying this weekend in Florida no matter what happens!

One conservative group is already treating Obama like he’s the nominee.

TechPresident likes MTV’s new political project.

David Paterson appointed a state Supreme Court judge as the new Inspector General.

Paterson also said it might be the time to start collecting cigarette tax on Indian reservations.

Cindy McCain’s book comes out this fall.

Upstate congressional candidate Jack Davis fighting the millionaires amendment to campaign finance laws—probably because he is one.

Both Frank Lautenberg and his challenger, Rob Andrews, support marriage equality, but Garden State Equality is endorsing Lautenberg.

So does the Sierra Club, and the influential environmental lobbyist Jeff Tittel.

Lautenberg’s challenger Rob Andrews has appointed a campaign manager who once made fun of him.

Graffiti is up; Peter Vallone, Jr. is alarmed.

Amy Ephron makes a deep, deep read of First Ladies and their cookie recipes.


Elsewhere: Exit Polls, Millionaires, Cookies