Elsewhere: Paterson, Clinton, Winkler

Hillary Clinton supporter David Paterson forcefully defends Obama on the Jeremiah Wright issue.

Clinton herself, in an interview with Bill O’Reilly, continues to be outraged by what Wright said, and says she will “leave it up to the voters to decide” what they think of him.

Obama gets the Fonz. (via Ben)

A Harvard lecturer says, “local legislatures are extremely unrepresentative of voter preferences and have little democratic legitimacy.”

Joe Crowley is fund-raising for City Council candidate Elizabeth Crowley on May 1 at Sidetrack Restaurant [no link].

Joe Hynes says chasidic men in Brooklyn are “stonewalling” his investigation of an attack on a black man recently.

One day after Frank Padavan got a school complex named after him, his Democratic opponent got this snazzy photo on the City Council’s homepage.

Michael Bloomberg is back on the radio.

John Riley is all over the gas tax dispute.

Christine Quinn is hosting an LGBT event at City Hall on June 18.

Commenter JayAreDubya doesn’t think Barack Obama distanced himself from Rev. Wright soon enough.

Another commenter disputes my take on the Harlem rezoning.

Eliot Brown notes the West Side Rail Yards is still not finalized.

The City Council tabled a vote Streetsblog was interested in.

The New York Times is now upgrading to Microsoft Windows 2003.

MoveOn.org announces million-dollar ad campaign to tie John McCain to George Bush.

Pearl Jam is raising money for their favorite senate candidate at Madison Square Garden in June.

Frank Lautenberg leads Representative Rob Andrews in their Senate primary match-up by a margin that is solid but not overwhelming.

And Charles Barron wants you to be protected from the police by any means necessary. Elsewhere: Paterson, Clinton, Winkler