Elsewhere: Quinn, Patersons, Clintons

Michael Bloomberg says Christine Quinn’s reforms are "impressive."

David Paterson and his father, Basil, are seeking an opinion from the Commission on Public Integrity about their possible conflict of interest.

Bill Clinton is vastly understating the Hillary Clinton-Bosnia affair.

Obama thinks there should be limits on executive pay.

A lecture by Obama Girl didn’t go over particularly well with Columbia students.

Since the Port Authority raised tolls on bridges and tunnels, traffic going through them has decreased.

Barack Obama says he wouldn’t meet with Hamas, distancing himself from Jimmy Carter.

Streetsblog dissects Bill de Blasio’s letter to his constituents about congestion pricing.

The work that a judge ordered stopped on Randall’s Island continues.

McCain finds a convert in the owner of the place in Brooklyn where he spoke yesterday.

Al Gore is barring reporters from a trade talk show.

And above is a video of Bill Thompson at a press conference today announcing that he will increase state investment in Northern Ireland.

Elsewhere: Quinn, Patersons, Clintons