Elsewhere: Saving O.T.B., Changing the Narrative

Now that Sheldon Silver has killed congestion pricing, he is going to try to save O.T.B.

The Patersons earn less than the Clintons, more than some other people.

Representative Rob Andrews officially kicked off his campaign to unseat Senator Frank Lautenberg.

Irene Liu says to watch Joe Robach on the State Senate’s Fair Pay Act vote.

Adam Dickter follows Bill Thompson’s movement in the process of divesting from Iran.

Christine Quinn is not the first person Michael Bloomberg has said is very honest.

Republican strategists are drawing attention to the traveling expenses of Kirsten Gillibrand.

The City Council could approve the rezoning of 125th Street tomorrow.

Joe Klein gives an impressionistic account of the Associated Press lunch today.

Geoff Garin tries to shift the Clinton campaign to a more “sideways-up” strategy.

Here’s video of Hillary Clinton continuing to talk about Barack Obama’s inability to relate to working class people.

John McCain is using the same thing to raise money.

Matt Drudge, however, has decided it’s time for a change in the narrative.

[his headlines:

Republican Rep. Slams Obama: ‘That boy’s finger doesn’t need to be on button’…

Hillary booed while talking about ‘bitter’ remarks…

GALLUP Daily: Obama Numbers Holding Strong…]

Elsewhere: Saving O.T.B., Changing the Narrative