Elsewhere: Sean Bell, Jeremiah Wright

The New York Times reports what the detectives had to say about the Sean Bell verdict.

Barack Obama thinks citizens should “respect the verdict” in the Bell case.

Le Monde reports on the Bell verdict, which, it says, was greeted with “stupeur.”

Tom DiNapoli has very little good to say about the state budget.

Against the wishes of most elected officials, the Thruway Authority raised tolls today.

The profits of the company that owns Indian Point nuclear plant are up 46 percent.

DUMBO Improvement Director Tucker Reed is leaving for a job rebuilding Baghdad with the State Department.

George McGovern tells Sam Stein what he thinks the Democrats might do to damage each other.

In a PBS interview, Jeremiah Wright draws a distinction between his work and Obama’s political work.

Obama says Wright is “free to express his opinions.”

Clinton is still pestering Obama for more debates.

Dick Cheney will attend a fund-raiser in North Carolina next week.

Vincent Gentile is opposing the conversion of a church that just “cleared out its inventory of 211 corpses that had been buried in its crypt to help pave the way for a luxury condo complex.”

Ben has a major Obama supporter’s frank analysis of what happened in Pennsylvania.

D.N.C. officials are meeting with representatives from both campaigns and moving towards “general election mode.”

John Riley runs with Azi’s story about Cuomo’s schedule.

The Brennan Center picks up the story too, and says, “We hope that going forward–and backward–the AG will continue to record his comings and goings."

Mike Huckabee and McCain are together again.

Streetsblog interviews Sheldon Silver challenger Paul Newell.

David Plouffe talks to the National Review about Obama’s electability.

Michael Turk at techPresident does McCain’s strategizing for him.

Liz deals delicately with a new movie based loosely (or not so loosely) on the adventures of Eliot Spitzer.

Can basketball make Obama in Indiana?

Elsewhere: Sean Bell, Jeremiah Wright