Elsewhere: Socialism, Passion Fruit, Polls

Michael Bloomberg’s supporters have money to spend on the presidential race.

Bill de Blasio is definitely not supporting Atlantic Yards anymore.

Some Albany reporters feel the governor is avoiding them.

Domenic Recchia is still raising more money than Steve Harrison.

Andrew Stengel thinks Sheldon Silver and Assembly Democrats who defend not voting on congestion pricing aren’t doing themselves any favors.

A scholarly article written by Barack Obama’s father decades ago has turned up.

Some conservatives are taking this as evidence that the elder Obama was a socialist, but Noam Scheiber disagrees strongly.

Polls in Pennsylvania haven’t moved much.

Streetsblog wishes Jessica Lappin had "found her voice a few months–or even weeks–before the congestion pricing plan went to Albany."

An upstate Republican committee is disbanded because it has failed to get candidates into office.

If it had gone to a vote, congestion pricing may not have passed in the Republican-led state senate–one G.O.P. senator says it wasn’t even on the schedule.

Did anyone really think Cindy McCain had her own recipe for passion fruit mousse?

The Working Families Party has another plan to tax rich people.

Nineteen mayors showed up for Hillary Clinton’s “100 Mayors for Hillary” event.

Obama invokes the word “silly.”

McCain’s new general election ad, which will go up in some Pennsylvania and Ohio markets, says he will take the “best ideas from both parties.”

The Mayflower Hotel is hosting a "leadership conference" in December.

Elsewhere: Socialism, Passion Fruit, Polls