Elsewhere: Stewart's Aides, Clinton's Ads

The aides to Kendall Stewart who were indicted are still on payroll, one earning $78,160, the other with a salary of $30,000.

Bill Thompson’s statement about today’s indictment puts much of the blame on the Department for the Aging.

Liz has the diagram that the feds used to illustrate what happened to the money.

The Brennan Center supports Michael Bloomberg’s support for taking control of redistricting away from legislatures.

Barack Obama says he would not hold talks with Hamas.

John Murtha, 75, says John McCain, 71, is too old to be president.

A day after Michelle Obama appears on the Colbert Report, it’s announced that Hillary Clinton will, too.

Clinton’s negative ad is the only one running in most of Pennsylvania.

Joe Wilson is very loyal to Clinton.

Mark Penn’s wife was seen at the Colombian Embassy in Washington.

Corey Kilgannon finds the guy Azi dubbed the Italian Flavor Flav.

And here’s footage from today’s press conference in City Hall with Christine Quinn [added].
Elsewhere: Stewart's Aides, Clinton's Ads