Endorsements, Donations, Negative Ads

North Carolina Republicans are attacking Democrats in their state who endorsed Barack Obama; the McCain campaign and the R.N.C. are disowning the ad. [Swampland]

Jeremiah Wright is speaking at the National Press Club Monday. [Lynn Sweet]

Just to be clear, the negative mailers in Indiana are coming from both Democratic campaigns. [Ben]

The amount of money the Clinton campaign says it is raising online keeps growing. [TPM]

It sort of refreshing that John McCain isn’t pretending to feel the pain of Appalachians. [Jonathan Martin]

Council members John Liu, Melissa Mark-Viverito, and Robert Jackson praise the (socialist!) Bolivian president. [The Sun]

Floyd Brown’s organization has put out a “deliberately provocative” video against Obama. [Ambinder]

David Paterson is taking a pro-movie approach. [Politics on the Hudson]

Anthony Weiner launches a Middle Class caucus. [Daily News

He is also rejecting a number of resignations. [Capitol Confidential]

The governor of Oklahoma endorsed Obama. [AP]

As does Charlie Wilson! [Huff Post] Endorsements, Donations, Negative Ads