Ex-Schumer Guy Squadron Mocks Connor on Taxes

With Schumer-esque intensity, Dan Squadron, who is running to unseat State Senator Marty Connor, just released a “helpful note” to his opponent, incumbent state Senator Marty Connor just now, reminding him to pay his taxes today.

The election is in September.

The release, which is clearly intended to be more of a reminder for the likes of me than for Connor, refers to a 2004 tax lien filed against Connor which he explained at the time was due to his reporting error related to the Alternative Minimum Tax. “I screwed up figuring out how to deal with the AMT,” he said at the time.

When I asked Squardon’s campaign manager Mary Cooley why they were dredging up an issue from 2004, she said, “Obviously taxes are something that’s important, and we just thought it would be important to remind him.”

When asked if Squadron would make his own tax information public, Cooley said she unsure and will get to me with an answer.

A spokesman for Connor did not immediately have a response.

UPDATE: Squardon’s campaign manager emailed to say, "Daniel will release his taxes, as soon as Senator Connor gets around to doing and releasing his."

Squadron’s campaign memo follows.

Campaign Sends Helpful Note

The Campaign of Daniel Squadron, who is a candidate in the Democratic Primary for State Senate in the 25th District, sent a reminder note to opponent Martin Connor that today is tax day. The 30-year incumbent has had trouble paying his taxes in the past — and was the subject of a six-figure federal tax lien in 2004. (http://www.nypost.com/seven/08212006/news/regionalnews/lien_times_hit_state_senator_regionalnews_maggie_haberman.htm)

"Dear Senator Connor," wrote Campaign Manager Mary Cooley. "Just a friendly reminder that your taxes are due today. Since you’ve been up in Albany, hiding from a vote on congestion pricing and voting to keep empty, upstate prisons open, we wanted to make sure you remembered — we know paying your taxes has proven a challenge in the past." (Complete note below.)

The 25th State Senate District includes Lower Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn. Squadron is running on a platform of changing Albany, and has refused contributions from PACs, corporations and lobbyists. He has been endorsed by U.S. Senator Charles Schumer and the progressive Working Families Party.

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Ex-Schumer Guy Squadron Mocks Connor on Taxes