Ferriero says Lautenberg will remain on Bergen line

Bergen County Democratic Chairman Joseph Ferriero said today that Frank Lautenberg will be on the line in Bergen because he won the convention prior to Rob Andrews' entry in the U.S. Senate race.

Ferriero's statement:

With the entry of Congressman Rob Andrews into the race for the Democratic nomination for United States Senate, many have expressed themselves with passion and intensity regarding his challenge to Senator Lautenberg.

There have been compelling arguments from both sides. The race today, for both the Republican and the Democratic Parties, is a very different one than it was on February 28th when the Bergen County Democratic Committee endorsed Frank Lautenberg in an uncontested convention.

That argument has real merit, so much so that it forced me to weigh very carefully the pros and cons in determining whether or not the county organization should, or could, hold another endorsement convention.

Today, the Democratic Party is fortunate to have two great candidates vying for the nomination for United States Senate.

Frank Lautenberg has an exceptional record of accomplishment in private business and government, depth of experience in the Senate and is respected as a man of principal. Rob Andrews offers nearly two decades of legislative experience in the House, has a real grasp of the issues, and has been a staunch advocate for the citizens of New Jersey. Both have worked extremely hard for our state and nation.

I have determined that it would be precipitously inappropriate and contrary to the Bergen County Democratic Organization bylaws to convene a second nominating convention to consider both of these candidates. As such, Senator Frank Lautenberg will continue to have the support of the Bergen County Democratic Organization and will be bracketed with the Organization’s other candidates on the primary ballot. Senator Lautenberg will receive the full support of the Party in the upcoming primary.

We are fortunate that we have two outstanding and highly-qualified candidates and that through this primary process, we will emerge stronger and better prepared to defeat the Republicans in the fall.

Ferriero says Lautenberg will remain on Bergen line