Gas Tax, Games, Whitman, Earth Day

Hillary Clinton is in favor of the gas tax holiday proposed by John McCain, but Barack Obama opposes. [Washington Wire]

Clinton says she will campaign for the Democrat that wins. [Ben]

Bill Clinton is not playing games today. [First Read]

Former E.P.A. chief Christie Todd Whitman was found not liable for telling people the air was safe to breathe after 9/11. [AP]

An old Republican operative is looking at Obama’s negatives. [Time]

A western New York appointee to the Thruway Authority thinks he’s being intentionally pushed out by the governor. [WGRZ]

"He’s my best partner," said Joe Bruno of David Paterson. [Politics on the Hudson]

A nonprofit owned by City Councilman Thomas White owes $226,789.83 in unpaid water bills. [Daily News]

Challenger Steve Harrison takes on Vito Fossella, Dick Cheney, pollution, the world. [Liz]

Which mayor has the greenest city? [L.A. Times] Gas Tax, Games, Whitman, Earth Day