15 CPW Alert! Hedge Fund Doctor Gets $30 M. Duplex

15 Central Park West has no shortage of accomplished residents. Pick a field and its leader might just have a condo in the building. There are dozens of Wall Street investors who’ve made (and in a few cases) lost billions of dollars, a Nascar star, a pharmaceutical executive, and even English teacher-cum-rockstar Sting.

The latest buyer might be the most dazzling professional hyphenate yet—M.D./Hedge Fund Manager. Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald, a one-time internal physician who made a fortune investing in bio-technology start-ups took out a $22.5 million mortgage to buy a $30 million duplex condominium on the 18th floor, city records show.

The same company listed as the buyer on the property deed also shelled out $690,000 for a “suite”—15 CPW’s euphemism for the Victorian-era staff quarters there.

When Dr. Rosenwald was hired as the Managing Director of Corporate finance at D.H. Blair and Company in 1988, the New York Times said he was “perhaps an exception to the Wall Street truism that perhaps doctors make bad investors.”

In 1991 he founded his own firm Paramount BioCapital, which specializes in financing emerging pharmaceutical companies and taking them public. In stark contrast to the rest of the building (and tribe for that matter), Dr. Rosen is a Jewish Republican and the co-founder of the Jewish Republican Coalition.

15 CPW Alert! Hedge Fund Doctor Gets $30 M. Duplex