Killing Joke: The Lighter Side of Felix Dennis

Just a quick note to media moguls who might get a little too tipsy mixing medication and alcohol and confess to a journalist that they killed a man (no judgments, it happens to everyone): Get a good flack.

Felix Dennis, the Charles Foster Kane of lad mags, made that mistake with The Times‘ Ginny Dougary in an April 2nd profile, only to deny it a short time later. (One does such things when those pesky police officers begin looking into one’s claim.)

Anyway, in today’s New York Post, Keith Kelly quotes Drew Kerr, Mr. Dennis’ U.S. spokesman as saying:

Felix has killed many people with his jokes and he has certainly killed a few magazines along the way – his own and others – but as for human beings, that’s ridiculous.

Ha… Ha?

Killing Joke: The Lighter Side of Felix Dennis