Lautenberg hits Andrews on Iraq again

Frank Lautenberg’s campaign continues to assail primary challenger Rob Andrews on the Iraq War, claiming that the Democratic Congressman had more of a hand in the initial stages of the war than he’s let on.

Lautenberg issued a press today saying that Andrews had participated in “closed meetings and telephone calls” with Bush Administration officials between the lead up to the war and 2006, and demanding that Andrews disclose the “times, place and subjects” of those meetings.

Andrews responded that he attended two Bush administration meetings with about 20 other Congressmen, both of which were covered by the Washington press corps.

“This is sad that when someone has been in the senate for more than 20 years, all they have to offer is this trivial,” said Andrews. “He should get out with people, stop hiding and listen to what they’re actually interested in

Andrews held a press conference yesterday to get out in front of the issue, saying that he, unlike Lautenberg, had a plan for to withdraw American troops from Iraq.

But the Lautenberg campaign cast Andrews as going with the political tides by not opposing the war until it was politically expedient, claiming today that he “did not reverse course until after the mid-term elections in 2006, when it was apparent that the political tide had turned against those incumbents who, like him, were Bush Administration enablers on the issue of the Iraqi invasion.”

Lautenberg hits Andrews on Iraq again