Liu Says City Government Needs 'Real Reforms' Not 'Political Cover'


Christine Quinn angered some City Council members when she announced a package of reforms last Friday, but the reaction was reinforced by resentment that’s been brewing for some time over her management of the council.

John Liu, speaking with reporters after the closed-door meeting at City Hall last night complained that the reforms Quinn announced are just “political cover.”

Liu said, “No one, especially the legislative leader, is talking about the $5 million no-bid contracts, the $50 million no-bid contracts that the executive branch has full discretion over–and there’s absolutely no accountability whatsoever.”

At around the 1:30 mark, I ask Liu how this situation will affect negotiations over this year’s city budget.

“It’s really of no value to be united under a leader who is basically a rubber stamp for the other branch of government,” Liu said.

Liu Says City Government Needs 'Real Reforms' Not 'Political Cover'