LoBiondo, Saxton and Ferguson endorse Zimmer for Senate

Less than a week after entering the Republican U.S. Senate race, former Rep. Dick Zimmer has won the endorsement of half of the state’s GOP congressional delegation.

Representatives Frank LoBiondo, Jim Saxton and Mike Ferguson all announced their support for Zimmer today, citing his fiscal conservatism.

"Having served with Dick Zimmer in Congress for two years, I know he will bring his pork-busting, fiscally conservative record into the U.S. Senate and serve the people of New Jersey with honor, which is why I am endorsing his run for U.S. Senate," said LoBiondo.

Saxton also served with Zimmer in the House, from 1991 until Zimmer left office in 1997. He echoed LoBiondo’s sentiments, touting Zimmer’s fight “for an end to out-of-control pork-barrel spending, lower taxes and spending cuts on behalf of New Jersey citizens."

Ferguson, who entered the House after Zimmer left and is retiring after this term, said that Zimmer is the candidate with the best shot of beating either incumbent Frank Lautenberg or Rep. Rob Andrews, who are seeking both the Democratic nomination.

“Dick Zimmer will be that fiscally conservative Senator who can best defeat the Democrats in November,” he said.

Zimmer will face state Sen. Joe Pennacchio and Ramapo College professor Murray Sabrin in the June primary. LoBiondo, Saxton and Ferguson endorse Zimmer for Senate