Mauro of Manhattan

“Yes … But that’s the crucial problem we have overcome here, Marsha. Three speakers stay on the wall in front, connected by small threads we can easily disguise along the baseboard. And on this side of the room, behind the sofa, we place the other three pieces.”

“Three? Why one more? For a total of six speakers?”

“One is just a little box getting the radio signal from the other side, and distributing it to the rear speakers.”

“And that horrible big thing you showed me, what’s its name?”

“The bass subwoofer?”

“It’s too big. Where are we going to place it?”

“Did you prefer the old way, when all the speakers where huge?”

“At least they were only two, not six.”

“I love you, Marsha.”

“You stress me, Mauro. Do we have plans for tonight?”


“Don’t …”


“Come on, don’t start and touch me, I have to shower, been working all day.”

“I llloove your sexy smell.”

“I know what your plans are, regarding me. They are always the same, when we sit alone on the sofa. You only have sex in your mind.”

“I do have plans for you. I always have plans. I am a natural-born planner, my love. I wouldn’t have ventured in Iraq without a plan, like your president did, my sweet bushie …”

Mauro of Manhattan