Meet Preston Niblack

As reported last night, Christine Quinn just hired a new finance director for the City Council, Preston Niblack.

Niblack is coming over from his job as deputy director for the Independent Budget Office.

He starts on May 5 and is arriving here amid the financial scandal that has pre-occupied much of the Council. Talks are already underway on how to overhaul major portions of the discretionary allocations, a vital part of how members shape each year’s city budget.

Niblack is taking over the position once held by Mike Keogh, who left around the time Quinn said she learned that Council staffers for years had been hiding taxpayer money behind phony organizations in order to dispense the money later.

Niblack will be paid $160,000, the same salary Keogh was making when he started.

Here’s the official statement.


City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn today announced that she has appointed Preston Niblack as Director for the New York City Council. His start date at the Council will be May 5th.

Preston Niblack, a widely respected skilled finance expert, comes to the Council from the New York City Independent Budget Office (IBO), where he has served as Deputy Director for the past eight years. In this position, Mr. Niblack lead an effort to restate city agency budgets in programmatic terms, resulting in the presentation of agency budgets in terms more consistent with agency service delivery. He has also worked at the Washington D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue and the Congressional Budget Office.

“I am very proud to be joining Speaker Quinn and the City Council. I am wholly dedicated to improving the budget process and making New York City the standard for sound and responsible government finances,” said Niblack.

Preston currently lives in Manhattan.

Meet Preston Niblack