Miley Cyrus To Write Really Great Book

Finally! In today’s Times ‘Arts, Briefly’ Motoko Rich reports that teen triple-threat supernova Miley Cyrus will tell all in "a book about her early life in Tennessee, her move to Los Angeles and the influence of her parents — especially her mother — on her success."

The book, which will be out in time to qualify for the 2009 Pulitzer Prize and National Book Awards, was sold to Disney-Hyperion Books for seven figures and have an initial print run of a million copies. (Since neither Ms. Cyrus or her alter-ego, Hannah Montana is a citizen of the Commonweath or the Republic of Ireland she will not be eligible for the Mann Booker Prize.)

Ms. Rich quotes Disney Book Group publisher Jeanne Mosure as saying, "It’s rare that you hear from someone her age that they want to talk about their family… How she sees her family in light of everything that she’s exposed to on a daily basis is pretty incredible.”

It should be noted that exposed is probably not the best word to use this week. Miley Cyrus To Write Really Great Book