Mob Hits for April 3, 2008

Wack Attack: LAObserved’s Kevin Roderick discovered an incubating blog called LAT Beatbox that may or may not be run by The Los Angeles Times. Roderick quotes a post lashing out at Sean "Diddy" Combs in the wake of the paper’s extremely embarrassing article about the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur: "You might be a smooth criminal, but when you pick on the media, you pick into the devil’s nest and you will get stung," the now-password protected entry read.

Rock Star: Yesterday everyone was abuzz about The Times Online story about The Week owner Felix Dennis in which he haltingly told the story of killing a man. Serious, scary stuff, but what about his suggestions for keeping one’s crack paraphernalia tidy? According to writer Ginny Dougary, "Dennis was punctilious about the quality of his supplies and kit. ‘My equipment was of the absolute finest, and I got to the point where guys were blowing glass vessels for me because I discovered that it worked better with different types of glass vessels,’ he says. “’I was literally a crack connoisseur.’… When he talks with a measure of domestic pride about how his 20-odd pipes would emerge scoured and sparkling from the dishwasher, I burst out laughing – and Dennis looks a bit hurt. ‘Well, it is domestic, sorry,’ he says. ‘Because that’s where it becomes disgusting, when it looks all dirty, and there was none of that.’" (Somehow this bit slipped past Bob Simon when he profiled Dennis for 60 Minutes II in 2004.)

You Got Served: Journalist Allison Hope Weiner, who’s been blogging about the Anthony Pellicano trial for The Huffington Post, has been slapped with a temporary restraining order according to Diane Garrett at Variety.

Not So Fast, Dahling: Speaking of The Huffington Post, remember the news that the news and blogging operation may be worth $200 million? (That’s dollars, not Euros, unfortunately.) Portfolio‘s Jeff Bercovici takes a closer look and determines it’s value at a lot closer to $40 million.

So Fine: Life—or at least a racy photo of Giselse Bundchen’s rear in today’s New York Post—imitates a 1981 Ryan O’Neal comedy.

Mob Hits for April 3, 2008