Morning Memo: With 'Friends' Like This, You Need Lawyers!

President of NBC Universal, Jeff Zucker, will file a defamation suit against Harvey Weinstein if he calls him his friend again in public. [P6]

Not-yet-fired Elle fashion director, Nina Garcia, has been asked to take a lesser title at the magazine, but was also told that if she leaves all together, she will no longer be a judge on Project Runway. [P6]

JFK’s former aide tells of the president’s promiscuous ways in a new memoir and this time Audrey Hepburn makes an appearance. [NY Daily News]

Mayor Bloomberg appeared on 30 Rock last night as himself in a "ripped from the headlines" episode about the Subway Hero. [NY Daily News]

Spencer and Heidi may be pitching their own "Newlyweds" type reality show to MTV, but we’re thinking that if the show was to be made again it would surely go to Ashlee Simpson or Jamie Lynn Spears. Perhaps Heidi should consider getting pregnant. [P6]

Morning Memo: With 'Friends' Like This, You Need Lawyers!