Obama Campaign: The Clintons Are Whiners Too

It looks like all the “whining” taunts have finally gotten to the Obama campaign.

It’s not so much that they’re denying that Obama has attempted to profit from a sense that he was victimized during Wednesday night’s debate as much as it is an attempt to note that the tactic has been standard operating procedure for both Bill and Hillary Clinton since the beginning of this year’s contest.

The Obama campaign just blasted out this post documenting some occasions on which the Clintons have complained about their treatment by the press, highlighting this video (also embedded above) of Hillary complaining at a prior debate about the tendency of moderators to hit her with the first question.

Here’s an accompanying statement from Obama spokesman Bill Burton:

“Considering the fact that Senator Clinton sat on stage at the last debate and complained to all of America that she always gets the first question, her blatant hypocrisy here is stunning. But if she’d rather spend her time talking about the same distractions and divisions that Washington is obsessed with, that’s her business. Barack Obama believes the American people deserve a real debate issues that actually matter like health care, the economy, bringing this war to an end.”
Obama Campaign: The Clintons Are Whiners Too