Obama Has No Idea What Bill Clinton Meant

Last night, Bill Clinton was quoted saying that the Obama campaign intentionally played the “race card” after the former president equated Barack Obama’s win in South Carolina to Jesse Jackson’s.

Asked about it today at a press availability, Obama claimed he hadn’t heard what Clinton said. “So hold on a second,” Obama interjected, according to a transcript provided by the campaign. “So former president Clinton dismissed my victory in South Carolina as being similar to Jesse Jackson, and he is suggesting that somehow I had something to do with it?

“OK well you better ask him what he meant by that,” he added. “I have no idea what he meant. These are words that came out of his mouth, not out of mine.”

Yesterday, the Clinton campaign attacked Obama for saying that John McCain would be a better president than George W. Bush.

Asked about it again this morning, Obama said, “I think Senator Clinton’s suggesting that she and John McCain are the two people who are qualified to be commander in chief is probably something that could end up coming back to haunt us in November.

“I think to say that John McCain and some of his instincts may be better than George Bush’s, that’s a low bar,” he went on. “And what I also said in the same breath was that his ideas, what he’s offering are warmed-over versions of Bush foreign policy and economic policy. So there’s no contradiction there.”

Obama Has No Idea What Bill Clinton Meant