Obama Offensive, Spitzer Book, Sabini-Monserrate Baggage

Today’s superdelegate movement: Obama 2, Clinton 1. Which makes it Obama 9-Clinton 5 since Pennsylvania.

Clinton airs a Maya Angelou testimonial in North Carolina.

Niall Stanage talks to a Dublin-based Obama superdelegate.

Michael Bloomberg loses a court case against gun dealers.

Mike Tomasky was glad to see Obama “back on the offensive.”

There’s an Eliot Spitzer book on the way. (Hurry, Wayne Barrett)!

Andrew Cuomo says Medicaid fraud recoveries are way up over last year.

Dan Janison follows Cuomo to a meeting on Long Island.

David Paterson has until the end of today to sign a law protecting New Yorkers from libel lawsuits in foreign courts.

Tom Wrobleski has footage of Curtis Sliwa.

More on Peter Vallone’s fight with Michael Bloomberg.

Jonathan Hicks looks at the baggage being carried by John Sabini and Hiram Monserrate.

And The Chief editorial board calls the Sean Bell verdict “absolutely logical and correct,” and hypothesizes on why Bell drove his car into officers that night: “[H]e may have known exactly what he was facing at that point, and the prospect that he could wind up in jail on what was supposed to be his wedding day may have spurred one final burst of recklessness.” Obama Offensive, Spitzer Book, Sabini-Monserrate Baggage