Our Big Cheese Publisher Grills Chevy Chase

At the kickoff for Tribeca last night at MoMA, our Big Cheese Publisher was in the mood to play reporter with Chevy Chase. There we were, asking Mr. Chase about his thoughts on Baby Mama, when our publisher debuted his journalistic skills.

“So let me ask you a question, and tell me how I’m doing, to what do you attribute the resurgence of Saturday Night Live?” he asked.

Wait, that’s our job! But OK, we’ll go with it.

“After all these years, I’ve literally become enchanted with this new cast,” said Mr. Chase, not at all thrown off after being questioned by several reporters.

“I don’t see the same desperation in this cast, I see serious kids who are funny. They are drinking water, staying in shape, thinking clearly, and writing some very good stuff.” (Did he just admit that the cast of SNL was not entirely sober back in his day? News to us!)

“Of course our budget was about one hundred grand, but Lorne has made the show into a full-service comedy. You’re getting these movies and these digital things,” he continued.

“I really love these kids, they’re all good–I call them kids because I’m a little old," said Mr. Chase.

Not bad Mr. Publisher, not bad at all. Our Big Cheese Publisher Grills Chevy Chase