Paterson Skips Reform Day Event, Talks About Change 'Without War'

One day after publicly praising Republican Joe Bruno, Governor David Paterson is keeping a low profile, including taking a pass on a gathering of good-government activists in Albany today.

He did release a public statement saying he “is committed to working with our partners inside and outside of government to achieve significant reforms in ethics, campaign finance, redistricting and the state budget process.”

Paterson’s only public event today was his hour-long question and answer session with listeners on a Buffalo public radio station. The governor called into the show from his Albany office and said, among other things, “I will call out, not in a way of being personal, but in a way of factually demonstrating that greater assistance is going to be needed, and we’ll identify those who don’t want to be part of that process.”

He also said, “You can make change without making war.”

UPDATE: In response to a question about why the governor did not attend the event, spokesman Errol Louis emailed to say that Paterson met with representatives from Citizen Action, N.Y.P.I.R.G., and the New York League of Women Voters.

Paterson Skips Reform Day Event, Talks About Change 'Without War'