Penn, Wolfson on Superdelegate Leakage

Responding to Jon Corzine’s comments today indicating that he would consider switching his support to Barack Obama from Hillary Clinton if the Illinois Senator were to win the popular vote, Mark Penn said in today’s Clinton conference call, “All superdelegates are going to look at this race, they are going to look at the popular vote including Michigan and Florida.”

Penn’s comment serves as an illustration of the increasingly selective metrics the Clinton campaign is trying to sell to superdelegates. (Popular vote, but only if the questionable results from Florida and Michigan are counted; big states rather than total states; projected electoral college votes rather than elected delegates.)

Howard Wolfson was also asked to respond to the comments of another important super delegate, Jimmy Carter, who seemed to suggest in an interview in Nigeria that he was leaning towards Obama.

“Obviously he is free to make whatever decision he feels is appropriate,” said Wolfson, who had only flattering things to say about the former president. “I’m sure that people will be interested in the choice that he makes.” Penn, Wolfson on Superdelegate Leakage