Pennacchio campaign accuses Zimmer camp of ‘thuggery’

The U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Dick Zimmer has been engaging in “thuggery,” the campaign of Republican rival Joe Pennacchio said Thursday.

According to the Pennacchio side, when the campaign challenged the petitions turned in by former Republican candidate Andy Unanue last week, Dick Zimmer counsel Mark Sheridan accused Penniacchio campaign manager Mike Gallic of improperly practicing law without a license. Even after Gallic substituted the name of a registered lawyer on the complaint earlier this week, the Pennacchio aide says, Sheridan sent a letter through the Morris County Court detailing the charges against Galic – which, it just so happens, are punishable with jail time.

Today, in a statement, Galic said that, "Joe Pennacchio, and his campaign, will not be intimidated by bullies sent over by former congressman Dick Zimmer to intimidate the election process.”

“We will not give in one inch to people who use threats and intimidation against those they see as weaker,” Galic added. “I can assure you of two things: one, Joe Pennacchio will never bend to this type of thuggery and; two, Joe Pennacchio represents every person who stands up against the odds, the bullies, the bosses and those who think might makes right.”

Pennacchio, a state Senator and former Morris County Freeholder, is one of several Republicans running for the seat currently held by Democrat Frank Lautenberg.

Pennacchio campaign accuses Zimmer camp of ‘thuggery’