Pennacchio holds the line in Hunterdon

Senate candidate Joe Pennacchio hung on to the Hunterdon County Republicans’ line tonight.

Pennacchio kept the prominent ballot spot, winning 34 votes to Zimmer’s 30 at a special county committee meeting.

It was the second time that Pennacchio won a county committee vote in Hunterdon County. In late February, he beat Anne Estabrook and Murray Sabrin to win the coveted ballot spot.

But after Hunterdon native Dick Zimmer entered the race last week, the county’s Republican chairman, Henry Kuhl, scheduled a special county committee meeting to vote on whether to change the county’s ballot placement.

Pennacchio issued a press release saying that the advice to do the revote was given to Kuhl by Zimmer campaign counsel Mark Sheridan – advice Pennacchio pointed out in his speech.

“I thank the Hunterdon County Republican Organization for keeping

the process fair and open and I’m happy the committee gave me the line again,” said Pennacchio. “It goes to show, no matter who we face, multi-millionaires, former congressmen, whoever, our message resonates with the rank-and-file of the GOP.”

Pennacchio holds the line in Hunterdon