Pennacchio in it until June 3rd

United States Senate candidate Joe Pennacchio wants to make it clear that, even if Princeton biotech executive John Crowley gets into the race, he’s sticking it out until the June 3rd primary.

“The only constant in this entire race, with the 15 or two dozen people who have been in and out and in again, is Joe Pennacchio and his campaign,” he said. “I will be there June 3rd, so I welcome everybody and a vigorous campaign based on issues.”

Although Republican sources said that some Pennacchio campaign staffers were giving thought to throwing in the towel at the prospect of a Crowley candidacy, those close to Pennacchio insist that he never considered it himself. Instead, he spent Sunday going door-to-door in Newark, Orange, East Orange and South Orange to shore up support in areas Republicans generally give up for lost.

Rival candidate Andy Unanue was said to have considered giving up his candidacy and throwing his support behind Crowley.

Unanue's campaign manager, Mark Duffy, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Crowley’s life story — leaving a lucrative position as a pharmaceutical executive to start a string of biotech firms to raise money to find a cure for his children’s rare Pompe disease — made him a virtual rock star among Republican circles. His decision not to run on Monday morning led to a number of phone calls from nationally prominent Republicans who urged him to reconsider. And today he appears to be doing just that.

“I don’t know if he’s going to stay in or stay out, but every time I turn around, it’s another self-financed candidate,” said Pennacchio. “You can excuse me for not paying attention to that anymore.” Pennacchio in it until June 3rd