Pennsylvania, Yuengling, Working Class

Hillary Clinton opens up a big lead over Barack Obama in a new Pennsylvania poll. [ARG

Michelle Obama is going on the Colbert Report tomorrow night. [CNN]

In Pennsylvania, Barack Obama says, “Trying a Pennsylvania beer, that’s what I’m talking about."  [Politico

Obama appeals to the working class in Pennsylvania in an ad featuring Bob Casey. [The Page

Chuck Schumer puts a limit on renewal of federal funding for a project to redevelop Rochester. [Democrat & Chronicle

Gatemouth thinks the editorial criticism of Sheldon Silver over the death of congestion pricing doesn’t make sense. [Room Eight] Former boxer and current State Senate candidate Joe Mesi isn’t pandering potential constituents. [Pell Street]

"Oh my god, it’s Chelsea." [Willamette WeekPennsylvania, Yuengling, Working Class