Quinn Explains, Thompson Pounces


Here’s video of Christine Quinn explaining how the $4.7 million her aides diverted to fake organizations was spent on “mid-year budget needs.”

She goes on to say that the practice of “holding” money “in reserve” is done by “numerous city agencies.”

Quinn is also considered a major candidate for mayor, although she has not actually declared that she’s running. A spokesman for Anthony Weiner, one of her more formidable likely opponents, declined to comment. Comptroller Bill Thompson, another a major likely candidate, sent this statement:

“The allegations reported today in the New York Post raise serious concerns. If there were any attempts to subvert the New York City Charter or to hide money in non-existent organizations, these actions would represent a breach of the public trust.”

Tony Avella, a less formidable candidate, but one who has actually declared he’s running, says this is what he’s been complaining about all along.

Quinn Explains, Thompson Pounces