Quinn on Agenda at Emergency Meeting of Brooklyn Delegation

Spurred by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn‘s reaction to the discovery of her office’s poor accounting practices, the 16-member Brooklyn delegation has scheduled an emergency meeting to take place over the next few days, two expected attendees confirmed.

The meeting, they say, will address how Quinn handled the scandal, which some are not satisfied with, and also, how she defied their wishes and helped steer the much-coveted City Clerk position to a person from the Bronx.

The Brooklyn delegation is the largest in the City Council, but has for years had its clout diminished by internal fighting, more than one scandal, and a coalition of smaller delegations that teamed up with the more cohesive coalition of members from Queens.

The attendees would not say precisely where the meeting would be held.

UPDATE: Yet more for what should be a crowded agenda: One lawmaker from Brooklyn I spoke with said that a number of colleagues were not fully informed about Quinn’s proposed changes before they were announced today, and that some members are concerned about how these changes will affect their ability to fund local groups in their districts.

UPDATE II: A reader called to say the Queens delegation is also meeting. It’s taking place at City Hall on Monday at 3 p.m. and is expected to also discuss Quinn’s leadership and handling of the financial scandal.

UPDATE III: A reader emailed to say the Bronx delegation is meeting tomorrow afternoon to discuss Quinn as well. The meeting, according to another source, has been scheduled for some time, but Quinn is likely to be discussed [added].

Quinn on Agenda at Emergency Meeting of Brooklyn Delegation