Report: Susan Glasser Out at WaPo

Politico’s Michael Calderone is reporting that Washington Post Assistant Managing Editor Susan Glasser is being replaced by Rajiv Chandrasekaran.

According to a ‘Dept. of Media’ column by Eric Wemple in The Washington City Paper from July 18, 2007, “Ever since [her hiring], Glasser’s boss can’t stop talking about her vision. ‘Susan is one of our most talented and visionary journalists,’ said Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr. at the time. In a recent interview, he said, ‘Susan has a strong vision and that is one of the reasons she got this job, and I’m pleased to see that she’s carrying it out.'”

Wemple quoted Glasser as describing that ‘vision’ as:

[A] vision of positive evolution and transformation of the national section of the Washington Post, with an emphasis on the positive, and how can we engage in thinking about…this moment in time differently and…define an idea of change and transformation at the paper that involves us embracing new ideas and ways of thinking about our journalism that are suited to the moment?

More as this story develops…

Report: Susan Glasser Out at WaPo