Robert Hammond To Jerry Speyer: 'I've Seen This Movie Before'

Tishman Speyer, the newly-chosen developers of the West Side rail yards, would like to eliminate the northernmost spur of the High Line.

Friends of the High Line president and co-founder Robert Hammond doesn’t believe it’s going to happen—after all, he’s already overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the conversion of the elevated railway into a new city park.

When he first went to Mayor Bloomberg, he said, "The Mayor said, ‘Don’t show us pretty pictures. We’ve got enough parks, we can’t pay for them all.’"

So Hammond showed the city it could make money off the High Line—or at least, property owners in West Chelsea could and some other money would trickle down.

"I’ve seen this movie before," Hammond said today of Tishman Speyer’s plans, speaking at the 2nd Annual Trends in New York City Land Use and Real Estate Development conference down at New York Law School this afternoon. "I think we’ll get the whole Line," he said.

Robert Hammond To Jerry Speyer: 'I've Seen This Movie Before'