Schumer Says Squadron Won't 'Lose Touch'

Here’s Chuck Schumer endorsing Dan Squadron yesterday in lower Manhattan. Squadron, a former Schumer aide, is trying to unseat State Senator Marty Connor.

Schumer didn’t mention that Connor failed to support Schumer in his 1998 Democratic primary for U.S. Senate, but did say (around the 6:10 mark), “Another thing I look for when someone’s in office for a long time, is that they’re not going to lose touch.”

Later, I asked Squadron and Schumer about congestion pricing. Squadron said he had problems with the bill, but also said that New York missed an “historic opportunity“ to address an important issue. Ultimately, he declined to say if he would have voted for the bill as it was presented to lawmakers. Schumer, whose wife is the city’s former transportation commissioner, said, “I didn’t get involved in congestion pricing because they never sent us the plan.” Schumer Says Squadron Won't 'Lose Touch'