Show Me Your Assets! Busted Strip Club Bares All in Bankruptcy Filing

Still reeling from the fallout of its highly publicized 2007 prostitution bust, embattled Manhattan strip club Scores West has filed for bankruptcy.

Court papers filed on Friday point to “mounting tax debt” and a “loss in sales” at the voluptuous 10,000-square-foot venue at 536 W. 28th St. “as a result of the actions by the New York State Liquor Authority proceeding against the [club] to revoke its liquor license.”

Last month, a Manhattan judge upheld the S.L.A.’s decision to revoke the license, following months of contentious hearings, which included a bizarre confrontation between police and club management at the state agency’s headquarters in Harlem.

Proprietors Richard Goldring and Elliot Osher (neither of whom is very new to the legal system) have filed for an appeal. In the meantime, the club continues to sell booze (among other things).

The club’s lawyers are also wrangling with two other lawsuits involving allegations of managers skimming tips and sexually harrassing the staff.

Amid all the turmoil, longtime club promoter Lonnie Hanover quit in August, taking his celebrity rolodex and cozy relationship with the Howard Stern radio show to rival Manhattan strip club, Rick’s Cabaret.

According to the bankruptcy filing, Scores West has between $1 million and $10 million in assets (and an identical range of debt).

Show Me Your Assets! Busted Strip Club Bares All in Bankruptcy Filing