Silent Disco Will Be All the Rave on Friday

Get out your glow sticks, a silent rave is coming to New York this Friday! Apparently, this secret rave movement has been sweeping the country called a “silent rave” or a “silent disco.” Party people gather in one spot, fire up their iPods and get their groove on to whatever music they like. Who needs some DJ at Bungalow 8 or outrageous drink prices at Pink Elephant when you get get down in a public space to your own jams for free? (UPDATE!) The Observer wrote about a Williamsburg silent disco in 2005. In May 2007, 4,000 ravers gathered in London’s Victoria Station during rush hour to “dance like you’ve never danced before,” according to an article in the Evening Standard. Organizers in New York are hoping to do the same thing at Union Square this Friday, April 18, from 6:15 p.m. to 11 p.m. An article on and a Facebook page is encouraging all New Yorkers to join in: “All in all we want everyone to RAVE and DISCO till your legs fall off or your iPod battery runs out! and just have a bloody good time because things like this don’t come around too often!” Instructions from the organizers after the jump.

– NO THE MUSIC WILL NOT BE SYNCED FOR EVERYONE. The main point of Silent Raves is that people have freedom to listen to whatever they want, plus this way we get people from all backgrounds, and don’t lose people who wouldn’t like the music we’d play.

– HOWEVER, you are very welcome to coordinate something with your mates/make playlists/set up FM transmitters, but that’ll all be via your own efforts. The official Silent Rave stance is people listen to anything they like.

– There will be a huge countdown, no raving before this time! Then its time to go crazy.

– Please respect the other people dancing around you, and also the park! No-one wants a load of litter and bollocks to clean up afterwards, so just use common sense and don’t be a muppet.

– Dress up in whatever you want to, your fellow ravers won’t judge you!

– Show people they should be dancing in the streets, not in their rooms!

Silent Disco Will Be All the Rave on Friday