Silver's Other Challenger Releases Tax Forms

One of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s challengers in the Democratic primary this year, Luke Henry, released his tax information this morning and called on the 32-year incumbent to disclose more about his outside sources of income.

The other challenger in the race, Paul Newell, a community organizer, released his tax information last month.

In a statement, Henry noted that Silver does not release tax filings and charged that “[v]oters have a right to know the sources of the Speaker’s income so that we can evaluate any potential conflicts of interest."

Silver’s outside earnings have drawn attention before. He works at a major law firm in Manhattan that sought to sue the state last year, a potential conflict of interest. More recently, Silver appointed a partner at the firm to a state panel that screens judicial nominees.

Pictured above is part of the tax summary released yesterday by Henry, an attorney, who filed jointly with his wife. They claimed $282,141 in total income with $25,855 in deductions.

There was no immediate response from Silver’s campaign spokesman.


Silver's Other Challenger Releases Tax Forms