Stinky Euro Crowd Coagulates at Colombian Scion's Dance Party

Move over, Paul Sevigny, there’s a new party in town: Julio Santo Domingo’s mysteriously named Sheik n’ Beik.

The venue changes from week to week. On Thursday, April 17, it was Kush Lounge on Christie Street. The week before it was Le Royale on Seventh Avenue. But fear not: Mr. Santo Domingo, the son of Colombian billionaire Julio Mario and uncle by marriage to socialite Lauren Davis, has created a Facebook page to keep guests apprised! “He’s starting off like all the other young DJs,” chuckled one observer. “Doing the gigs he gets. But yeah, it’s funny that the people that come to support him are some of the richest and most beautiful in the city.”

Indeed, Ernst Hannover, who used to date designer daughter Margarita Missoni before she moved back to Paris, and his brother Christian—their father Ernst Sr. is married to Princess Caroline of Monaco—are among Mr. Santo Domingo’s dancing acolytes. Christian, as well as self-described fashionista Vanessa Von Minckwitz, are listed among the group’s administrators.

“But he’s good,” the source affirmed of the DJ’s skills.

Partygoers describe Mr. Santo Domingo’s sound as “German electronic” and the general mood as sultry. “It’s a no-scene scene,” said one. “It’s about being there dancing, not looking at anybody, even though everybody knows everybody else.”

Mr. Santo Domingo was said to be on a plane to Tokyo when the Transom tried to contact him. Perhaps a karaoke night is next!

Stinky Euro Crowd Coagulates at Colombian Scion's Dance Party